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Recent news from Supinfogame

Three teams composed of Supinfogame students have been selected to participate in the French leg of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2015.

The contest theme : to make a game with a message about making the world a better place.

Next step, Boot camp. Only the strongest will survive !

Check out the links to the team’s blogs/facebook pages.

Alkhemia is a rogue-like game in which you experience the struggle of a lone Alchemist in a poetic and hostile world :

In the game Willy the Wisp, you embody Willy, a spirit who takes pleasure in scaring malevolent visitors who come to steal the Manor’s treasures. Feed on intruders’ fear: Frighten them, bring furniture to life or invoke terrifying monsters to make them flee before they steal any artefacts!

J.E.T. is a free-riding game, in which you play a rebel punk fighting giant ennemies and cleaning up the ground with Jetpack boots.


We look forward to a full report from the guys when they get back, If they survive !!!

Sebastien & Ryan will tell us all about it, if they can still speak !!!


Welcome to the glasshouse ! Rubika’s got a fab new campus in the “Serre Numérique”


We’ve recently moved into our new campus: the ‘Serre Numérique’. All 3 Rubika schools (Supinfocom, Supinfogame and ISD) are now reunited in the same brand new building. Even though some of the construction work has yet to be finished, the Serre Numérique is already a great workplace for the students, the administration and the professionals in the field, who all took their marks very quickly. The “Serre Numérique” was in the Rubikapipelines for a long time.It’s much awaited state of the arts building has fantastic big classrooms and great facilities. Wanabee students got a chance to see our new campus on the open day. We look forward to creating and enjoying many new gaming experiences on our brand new site.



More breaking news to follow !


Under The Skin



Under The Skin is a British science-fiction movie directed by Jonathan Glazer in 2013, starring Scarlett Johansson.

It’s an experimental movie based on each person’s individual feelings. Indeed, the story is simple but not very classic. An alien life form comes to earth disguised as a woman (played by Scarlett Johansson) who seduces humans before making them disappear. This movie explores human and social relationships through the cold and distant eyes of an alien and describes the adventure of this creature who gradually discovers human senses, emotions and feelings such as fear, love, desire…

The impressive artistic direction of Jonathan Glazer allows this movie to be captivating through this sublime but abstract visual world. The incredible rarity of dialogues, the pervasiveness of silences, cut by the exceptional, insidious and hypnotic music of Mica Levi (one might almost believe inspired by the music Lux Aeterna of 2001 : A Space Odyssey) give to this movie a very discordant texture plunging the viewer into a hypnotic trance.

It thus consists of a deep reflexion on relations between men. This mysterious character discovers the world around her and her new body, gradually replacing its insensitivity by exploring sensations, first sexual then suffering. In short, it humanizes. After Her (Spike Jonze, 2013), Scarlett Johansson interprets the path from artificial perfection towards humanization.

This film has its clichés ! Indeed, the scenario is worthy of a science-fiction movie but, this entire portion is totally secondary. There’s neither moral judgment nor good or bad characters, just humans experiencing emotions. Finally, this movie shows us dreamlike views of Glasgow where the human masses fascinate the main character and the audience, demonstrating a social analysis of the everyday lives of humans.

This is a sensory movie with two different aesthetics: part documentary where the main character confronts mankind and a polished highly aesthetic part, the alien’s universe.

In brief, this is a must-see movie which differs from classic Hollywood movies, a special and unique cinematographic experience !

Tristan Peschoux


Chuck !

If you want action, romance and a good laugh, check out Chuck !


Very few series are able to combine perfect action scenes with romantic and even funny scenes. Well, Chuck is one of them!

The TV show tells a tale of a nerd, Chuck Bartowski, who discovers all the USA’s state secrets because of a former friend of his who turns out to be a spy. Obviously, the secrets he now knows are extremely important and that’s why the CIA and the NSA both send their best agents: Sarah Walker (CIA) and John Casey (NSA) in order to protect Chuck and the Intersect (the name of the computer, which downloaded the State secrets into Chuck’s mind). Together, they save the world several times during exciting missions while Chuck also protects his family from his second life as a spy.

Most of all, Chuck is a comedy but also an action show. Some scenes are hilarious thanks to the great casting. Chuck (played by Zachary Levi) is really appealing and funny. His best friend Morgan (played by Joshua Gomez) keeps teaching us how to be a good friend while being uproarious. Even though Sarah and John (played by Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin) are supposed to be stone cold, we always manage to find some touching sides of their personalities, which is really enjoyable. What’s more, the show features some really good songs (like Don’t look back in anger – Oasis or hallengers – The New Pornographers…), which totally fit with the specific mood of each episode.

To sum up, Chuck is an exceptional show that needs to be viewed if you ever wanna have a good laugh. The cast is great, the music presented is exceptional and the series isn’t a basic comedy. It manages to ally an action aspect with some romantic elements and a funny background. The show doesn’t hesitate to use and abuse (for our own sake) cultural references much to the many viewers.



Erwann Depaeuw

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