Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – What is it?

Hello, Kevin here.

For those of you who are in English class with me, you might remember that I had talked about the strange phenomenon which is ASMR. As a reminder, ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is generally described as a pleasant feeling usually starting from the top of the spine and gradually extending to the rest of the body. To sum up my presentation on ASMR, I had basically said that this feeling is induced by « triggers » which can be… anything, really. Watching people perform a certain task such as towel folding, nail polishing, or painting (Bob Ross comes to mind), listening to sounds, be they someone humming or the light sound of drops of water falling on a water surface, or even – real or fictional – experiences such as going to see a doctor for examination, or videos simulating such an occurence, as weird and strange as it sounds! The best way of knowing what I am talking about would be to try and listen to one of those with a headset since most of them feature 3D sounds recorded with a binaural microphone. Do note that the “triggers” used to induce ASMR are different from one individual to another, and so a trigger which works for someone may not work for another person. Interestingly enough ASMR cannot be felt by everyone and scientific research is yet to be carried out in order to know more about it. I remember that my first ASMR video ever was introduced to me by a friend, and it contained a ton of different potential triggers over a hour series of different sounds. That was then that I discovered that lightly tapping on a plastic surface in a quiet environment was one of my triggers. You can find the said video on YouTube through this link. If you are interested in knowing more about ASMR in general, you can visit this link and any of the websites linked in this introductory text.


This is it from me for today, hopefully this short article will have cleared up a few questions you might have had when I was doing my presentation, or simply introduce you to the ASMR.


Let me know in the comments if you have any more questions about the subject. Although my knowledge is rather limited, I will try to answer you as soon as I can!




A major triumph for humanity : Philae to explore the universe !

The 12th of November was a big day for the scientific world : the lander has succesfully touched down the comet « Tchoury ». Indeed, the European Space Agency (ESA) had warned that such a manmade object’s landing was not guaranteed.


Philae is a Rosetta‘s robotic space probe lander which aims is to collect information about the comet « Tchoury » in order to make a detailed study of the star. All comet studies should help humans to understand the creation of the universe and of our Solar System. The Rosetta project was developed by the ESA and the spacecraft was launched March, 2, 2004 on an Ariane 5 rocket, from Guiana Space Center in French Guiana. As a matter of fact, the intensity of gravity is less important at the equator than at the poles. Consequently, it is more economical in fossil energy. Moreover, engineers use the gravity of stars and planets to help spacecrafts reach their goal with a minimum energy consumption.Rosetta's_Philae_touchdown

Rosetta arrived on « Tchoury » last august and launched Philae after a few months of observation. Its landing on the comet was filmed and broadcast « live » on the 12th. It did not happen as expected by ESA scientists. Would you believe that Philae bounced twice and during 2 hours, before it really landed ? In fact, the harpoons, initially expected to anchor the engine to the « soil », did not work suitably . It provoqued dust clouds that revealed the existence of complex organic molecules on the comet. This discovery may imply that stars are composed of amino-acid or even complicate molecules that could have been transported (we do not know how) to the Earth and are suspected to be a factor of development of life on our planet. The person in charge of the German-built COSAC instrument which detected these molecules, Fred Goesmann, said that one of them has been identified, without saying more.

Moreover, Philae is equipped with a thermometer-hammer, MUPUS, which measured a – 150 Celsius degree temperature and a soil « hard as solid ice » (ESA). But according to scientists, the entire comet can not be that dense because of its porosity.

French Toulouse « Etudes Spaciales » team leader, Philippe Gaudon, revealed to the press that, Philae is slanted at a 30% angle, stuck near a cliff. After 57 hours of data collecting, Philae went into sleep mode because it had no more energy. But it is equiped with batteries that can recharge thanks to solar pannels. Unfornately, Philae’s location did not allow it to receive a lot of solar energy (only 1 hour per day). But the engineers succeeded in redirecting its solar pannels in order to improve the duration of exposition. Anyway, it had enough time to send a large amount of data that humans will analize during the months to come.


Nevertheless, the goals have been broadly fullfilled. Indeed, even if all Philae’s instruments may not have worked according to plan, ESA scientists did not expected to go that far in the mission. The data collected will probably give some answers to a lot of questions about our universe. This progress can be compared to 1969 Apollo 11 & Neil Amstrong’s first foot on the moon.



A MAZE. : An independant game festival


Next week, most of the European independent game developers will gather in the same place: Berlin. In the historical German city an outstanding event takes place every year: the A MAZE. festival. First launched in 2012, it has been growing larger and larger ever since and is now one of the largest independent games festival in Europe, alongside Gamescom. So, 2015 sees the 4th edition taking place and it is already full of promise!

From April 22nd to April 25th,  the A MAZE. will stand out as the most interesting place to be for game developers eager to share and create together. Over the four days of the festival, take part in various talks about the industry and workshops where you can play or make games. But one of the most awaited event is of course the A MAZE. Awards. A few months before the opening of the festival, every game developer can submit a game that will be played and reviewed by the jury. This is a unique opportunity for independent developers to bring light on their work and it’s a significant achievement to be an A MAZE. nominee.

This year, no less than 225 games from 25 countries have been submitted. They will all be exposed and playable at the festival. After weeks of playing, the jury (close to 200 experts, professionals and journalists) will have selected the nominees that will receive awards during a show. Some 20 games from 11 countries are running for the 5 different awards.


Play. Share. Interact. A MAZE. is all about sharing experience among developers, journalists and fans in a very familiar way. Everyone can just pass by and say hello to a booth, play a game, and chat with the developers. It is a great opportunity for students or budding developers to start building an interesting and reliable network. Showing your work will get you advice from confirmed developers. Alongside the talks and the workshops, music performances and parties are thrown for the participants to relax and have fun. You can easily grab a sandwich or dance with your favorite indie developers at A MAZE.

This year, Supinfogame will be at A MAZE :Anarcute is a game made by a team of 5 Supinfogame students. It will be presented at the festival and previously won the PING Award in 2014 for best student game. Anarcute is the cutest riot simulator ever in which you lead little rioters and wreck the city! Learn more about Anarcute here.


This festival is the perfect place to try and experiment with games. Existing technologies or brand new ones are exposed in the booths. Take Cyborg Dating as an example. Cyborg Dating is a game with a new use for virtual reality: it is a two player game in which one ‘Cyborg’ player teams up with another person to achieve a shared goal: have a successful date. Learn more about Cyborg Dating here.


If you want to discover more games, here are this year’s 20 nominees.


– Antoine


Discover JET, an Imagine Cup Game

Hi there, I’m Sebastien hannier, project manager of Jet. As you know (if you’ve read the previous articles about it), we are making this game for the Microsoft Imagine Cup, a worldwide game creation contest. This article is here to present  this awesome game that we are making.


So jet takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Nature has reclaimed its right upon the Earth and everything is deserted and destroyed. We don’t really know how it happened but a new life form appeared right before the cataclysm. They seem to be made out of some kind of dirt, that we can also find everywhere on the ground. This dirt is the result of the pollution accumulated by humans and it turns into some kind of organic form. These entities are falling from the sky to destroy the humans left alive. These people have had to find a way to survive,so they’ve built flying cities, which are much harder to reach for their enemies. But still, it wasn’t enough to live in peace. So they’ve taken arms and that means fire, the only thing that can destroy the dirt.

The main character is a young punk rebel. He is one of the last humans, and lives in the last city on Earth. He is also the last hope for mankind because he is the only one that hasn’t lost faith in victory. So this young man has equipped himself with jet pack boots and roller gear to fight. You, as a player, will control him. Jumping from hill to hill, you will burn the dirt off the ground and kill the enemies with your jetpack equipment. You will also have to perform some crazy tricks, because if you are to save the world, you’d better do it in style.

The artistic direction is based on low-poly art. All assets and textures are made out of simple geometric forms. The main colors are very warm because we are in a desert, so yellow and orange are used here. This contrasts very much with the dirt and the enemies that are black and red.


So jet is meant to become an instantly funny game, with a great game feel. Thanks for reading and see you soon.
Sebastien Hannier.


Why should you check out Final Fantasy XV

If you’ve been following the world of J-RPG for the last decade, you have surely heard of the (in) Famous Final Fantasy Versus XIII, rebranded as Final Fantasy XV 2 years ago.

(In)Famous, for its tremendously long development process, which started over a decade ago.

(In)Famous, for its radically different world compared to previous Final Fantasy installments.

(In)Famous, for its extravagant hairstyle-design of  the characters, in a typical Nomura-style fashion, its game director until 2012.

(In)Famous, for its real time action oriented gameplay, completely different from the classic turn-by turn Final Fantasies.

(In)Famous, for its cast of main characters completely made of men.

(In)Famous, for its “Road-Trip” like experience shown in the TGS 2014 trailer.

And the list goes on…

Famous, or infamous? Whatever is your answer, it is nonetheless one of the most remarkable final fantasy in recent years, which you should check out regardless. I is also Final Fantasy series’ “final” hope to regain trust of its fan base, due to the poor reception of the FF XIII trilogy. Depending on the success of this one, it may really be the “Final” Fantasy.

A short demo version Final Fantasy XV is available for those who purchased Final Fantasy Type 0 HD, a spin-off of the Final Fantasy. This one explores a new mature direction for final fantasy with a cruel fantasy world where it’s people are waged into a merciless war.

For those who just want to peek into the future game that XV would be, investing into another full- fledged title might not be worth it for just a demo. But for those who are curious, Type 0 is worth the investment on it’s own due to it’s radically different approach to the series.

The game is planned for international release in 2015 on both PS4 and Xbox One, so please look forward it!



Horror games : Are we going the wrong way? [Part 1]

     Hey! Yoann here. This is my first contribution to the blog, and I wanted to step back for a while and think about scary things.

Have you ever wondered why horror stuff isn’t that scary after all? I mean, I know that this question depends on who is asking for an answer. Many people will be scared with pretty much anything at all, while some others  won’t ever really feel fear. Who’s never tried to scare someone with lights turned off? Well, okay… Maybe you haven’t. But I did, and it was fun.

One evening, I had to go to check on someone in their apartment. But for some reason, he decided to trick me and scare me. So he put some weird ambient music on his laptop, turned off the lights and sat in the middle of his living room. The lights were flickering, the music was loud. But it was way too much for such a prank, and was looking like some kiddy land haunted house with people trying to grab you while riding the ghost train instead. You see? This is what is basically done in horror games nowadays. NOT scary stuff.


From « Spongebob Squarepants » Halloween Special

No, for real! Don’t you love it when these freaking shivers run down your spine? Doesn’t it feel great when the “thing” coming for you actually gets to you, and you’re not prepared? This is what I’m talking about. Oh and, by the way, it doesn’t even have to be some inhuman creature. Imagination is pretty good at this, and probably better at it than some gory gruesome creature full of sh… Teeth.

What I’m trying to say here is that horror games desperately need something new to be horrific. Once again, these thoughts are food for thought, they are not something that is proved to be working. Yet. What if horror games weren’t meant to be games? This is going against what I just said, that it is great to feel fear. But just think about it: Once you beat a game, it is kind of boring to beat it once more. There is nothing new, and all that the “new game +” mechanic creates is just a cheap way to create the will to go for it a second/third time.

Horror games (and movies, by the way) don’t work that way. Once you’ve experienced it, another run won’t give you the same chills, and that is because you are prepared and know what will happen right behind that wall. In fact, I think that horror games should be some sort of “one try only” games. Or at least should behave differently every time you start the game.

I’ll leave you with that for the moment, and will continue this way next time. For now, try to experiment with new games, independent games (I’ll explain why later), and get some scares while you can. See you soon!



Hardware news : « What is coming next to make games even more immersive? »

A brief (not exhaustive) history :

Since they have been created, video games have had one objective above all others: immerse you into a different world, universe, make you feel special and powerful. To achieve such a thing, they do their best – with the work of artists and engineers combined – so that you can’t tell the difference between material reality and the universe they depict. And how do they do that?  Realistic graphics with computers and consoles that become more and more powerful; immersive gameplay with ergonomic controllers, or even motion control.

Back in the 70’s, the golden age of arcades made video games accessible. More and more people could play them. With the evolution of technology, and as the number of people working in that field was growing every day, video games were soon to explore new paths of play. In 1989, Nintendo released the Zapper, and accessory that allowed players to play games such as Duck Hunt, in which you had to shoot ducks, using the Zapper to aim at the screen.  In the 90’s, the development of 3D video games let you explore a virtual space. With those appeared steering wheels, guns, and a lot of others accessories to enhance your experience.



In 2006, Nintendo (again), released the Nintendo Wii with motion controllers only. This system allowed players to do a wide range of things, with the same controller. A lot of accessories came out to make it even more immersive. Consoles of the 7th generation (Wii, PlayStation 3, XBOX 360) all developed new controls, like PlayStation Move or Kinect. Until then, only Nintendo had bothered to develop such immersive technology.


Where is technology now ?

Today, technology is at a very high level. Some games are so beautiful it is hard to tell the difference between real life and video games. High-end GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit, the computer part that generates the graphics of the game) are now more powerful than ever, and it looks like things will keep going in that direction.

Products are getting better: thinner, lighter, they’ll eventually last longer if they have a built in battery. Yet, technology is stuck. Since games are so visually appealing now, what more progress is to be made? The answer probably lies within…the accessories. Even though consoles and PC try to use as few accessories as possible nowadays, new technology could LITTERALLY bring a new dimension to gaming on the video games’ system.


Virtual Reality

For the past few years, a lot of companies have been developing different technologies to improve the players’ experience. Thanks to recent progress in terms of miniaturization, for every part of a product, new devices are made possible, when they could not have existed a few years ago. Let’s take two examples : The Oculus Rift, and the Virtualizer.


First, the Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset. What it means is: when you wear it, it allows you to see a video game as if you were actually “in it”. With simple words: all you can see is the game ! So you are completely immersed in the game’s universe.  Oculus Rift is the first famous virtual reality project to be seriously developed. The project started in 2012, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website meaning that many people (called backers) can pay to help a project to develop. Several versions of the prototype have been made since 2012, and the retail version is supposed to be released later this year. A lot of other companies have announced their own VR (Virtual Reality) headset, such as Samsung, HTC, or Sony.


The Cyberith Virtualizer is another virtual reality device, but it is not a headset. This product, which has also managed to be made thanks to Kickstarter, is a device which allows you to move freely as if you were in the game. It looks like a plastic circle on the ground, with three pods around it. The player is held by a specific system, that lets you walk, run, jump, crouch, exactly like you would normally do, but the device will translate it as an input (a message you give the computer so it does something specific, much like a command). Combined with a VRH, such as the Oculus Rift, you can really feel as if you were living the game. Almost nothing feels unnatural anymore, and you can feel like you were anywhere : battlefield/racetrack/arena/horror movie hospital, walking around, jumping and hiding.


Is it so great?

Even though this technology seems extremely cool and impressive, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind: First of all, these devices are still prototypes. Of course, they are to be released soon, but still, the first version might not be perfect, and research on those particular inventions will probably take a few more years for them to be absolutely intuitive. Also, both the Oculus Rift and Virtualizer, and also all the other similar technologies are very likely to be very expensive, making it even more important to think twice before you get it. And, last but not least, these systems are very big, and take a lot of room, especially the Virtualizer. So, in the end, this is probably the beginning of a new era for video games, but it will take some time for this revolution to be effective, and this possible “new era” to truly begin.

Théo Nottez.


The 100

The 100 #1

Poster for The 100

The 100 is a post-apocalyptic show based on the book written by Kass Morgan. The series is set 97 years after a devastating nuclear war wiped out almost all life on Earth. The only known survivors now live in a single massive station named « The Ark », where about 2,400 people living under the leadership of Chancellor Jaha. In order to know if Earth is habitable again, 100 juvenile prisoners are sent down on the ground. They are meant to find refuge and supplies at the old military installation in Mount Weather. However, they have landed a far distance from it and soon face other problems. Confronting both the wonders and the dangers of this rugged new world, they struggle to form a tentative community.

The show delivers an interesting point of view about how life on Earth could suddenly end because of nuclear conflicts, and how hard life would be if it really happened. Since the Ark is a place where any crime is condemned by death, the viewer can feel the desire for independence and freedom of the 100 teenagers sent on Earth. However, every short moment of happiness delivered in the show is instantly interrupted by awful situations (no spoilers here). Down on Earth, the “survival of the fittest” couldn’t be truer, and the fact that the teenagers have to put aside their differences to work together is really fascinating, because the transition isn’t immediate, and we see how the group evolves through time.

The main characters are really charismatic, and the greatest prowess of the show is that the notion of Manichaeism is almost totally absent: we can’t determine if a character is the good or the bad guy, since survival on Earth (and on the Ark) is only a matter of unbearable dilemmas.

To summarize, The 100 is a great show if you are a fan of post-apocalyptic series. The characters are appealing and very charismatic, and that’s why the show is so emotionally exhausting, since every choice our heroes have to make will have severe consequences. The concept is awesome and the series has only lasted 2 seasons for the moment (a third season is being prepared).


The 100 #3

Main cast of the show

The 100 #2

One scene of the show


A day in the life of a 1st year student !

A day in the life of a 1st year student !

Hello!  My name is Valentin Erbüke and I am in first year.

A lot of stuff happens in this new school of ours. Some recent events are way more important and spectacular that today’s topic, but hey, when you are only in first year, you cannot participate in all of them. I’m going to talk about something I’ve lived. A horrible, awful experience every first year has had to go through, something so horrific that it affects the person for years and years. Even the third years can bear witness and you can see their terrified and lost glances staring into space when you mention this specific subject: “Les exposés”.

I know my description is kind of exaggerated. It‘s been an experience really close to what you can see in the college or in high school. This is mainly why people tend to dislike it so much. In fact it is interesting enough for you not to fall asleep, because everyone gets to choose his own topic and so they put a lot of work in it. We had to choose a topic and develop a debate around it, and make a preview of the core of our oral in a written work. Sadly, I underestimated this part and I chose my topic in a hurry…

After this part, we had a few weeks to actually prepare the presentation in itself. The presentations were held separately on two different weeks. For two days straight we had to listen to our buddies non-stop for six hours, hearing their freaked out voice while they tried to maintain their composure for the whole twenty minutes of their lecture and feeling the intensity of the atmosphere when our jury made their criticism. Hopefully everyone chose a topic he or she liked, and the presentations were well done and enthusiastic. I’ve learnt a lot about people tastes and interest, and discovered a lot myself as well, since some spoke about topics I only knew a little about. We’ve heard about astro-physics, time-travel, Copyrights, Koreans cinema, viruses and parasites, Ireland’s mythology and beliefs, brains and robots. I myself talked about the story of television screens and how they have evolved to the current curved screens we can buy on the market. I guess everyone has discovered something he liked and ignored everything about. Overall, and mainly because everyone put a lot of work into them, we’ve been through four long and intense, but very instructive days. Now it is all over, and we are all dying to get our marks, that should not be long, but the waiting is stressful.

I witness it was a great experience, with its ups and downs, and I’m really happy not to have to go through it once again!

Now I’m finished, you can go on and read what has happened a bit earlier in the year: The Imagine Cup! (I believe someone’s been writing some stuff about it.. If not, I hope I’ve kept you entertained and that this lecture was not boring.)


Have a good day !

This article was realized by ERBUKE Valentin.


They see me rolling… (Hits Playtime Game)


“My name is Namaspamus, and I’ve lost my body ! Would you help me to look for it ?”

Namaspamus is a game that I’m currently making for the Hits Playtimes 2015 contest, an annual game-making contest for game design students.

The game is a 2D platformer in which you play Namaspamus, a head seeking its body. You need to make it roll in the levels to progress. You can also jump, but be careful : as a head, you can hurt yourself very easily ! Each impact makes you lose life, depending of the type of ground you land on.

You need to finish each level without being hurt too much, which can be very hard as you’ll have to go through dangers like enemies or bombs. Some levels will almost be puzzles in which you have to find the way to reach the end without dying.

There’s a use of physics to make interesting situations like chain reactions. It has a silly and absurd universe, and some cruel humor too : watching this poor Namaspamus getting hurt should be quite fun. The artistic style uses old paintings from the renaissance, and the tone is quite inspired from Terry Gilliam’s Flying Circus animations.

The name “Namaspamus” is based on a bad pun in french (we could translate it in “Gathernomoss” or something like that).

There are only 3 of us in the development team (the teams for the contest can have up to 6 people) with two game designer/programmers, and one game artist. The project is currently on stand-by because we have a lot of work, but don’t hesitate to support us by liking our facebook page !


You can also check our Devblog, even if its quite empty for the moment…


You could find Namaspamus bouncing on your screen one day, so keep an eye out ! :)

Adrien Poncet

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