Nothingness Answers with her Cheshire glare

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This is really just an experiment in free verse. I started by writing down a memory and how it made me feel.
What I got was a sort of stream of consciousness. I read out loud, cut what seemed unnecessary, decorated what was left and repeated the process a few times until I was satisfied enough.

Nothingness answers with her Cheshire glare

I stare at the ceiling and the dark. Can’t sleep, can’t calm down.

I writhe in my bedsheets, comfort escapes me at every twist.

I wander. I wade through the winding thicket. The twinkle of invisible animal eyes follows me like the ringing echo of a curse.

Riddled with questions, with bullet-holes.

How did I get here? Where am I going? How did this happen?

Everything was going so well…

I know this is a lie-it’s all a lie. One big stupid lie. But I’m still trapped, still stuck here.

I raise my head, looking for the dawn, yet,

Nothingness answers with her Cheshire glare.

When I was smaller, I was afraid of the night. I wouldn’t even admit that the darkness was black. When I shut my eyes, I said I saw blue.

When I was small and frail and scared, I had a babysitter.

She told me a story about the darkness. It was the tale of a little boy, who was also afraid. Every night he would shiver and cry in fear. Until, one night, the little boy felt the gentle touch of a hand on his shoulder. He spun round and saw a great black knight, mounted on a beautiful and giant steed. Darkness was the knight’s cape. “I will protect you” said the knight “I will watch over you”

From that night on, the little boy was no longer afraid of the dark. He would fall asleep, finally feeling secure wrapped in the cape of the great black knight.

 – Julien Fenoglio

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    Beautifully written

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