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Behold! A newcomer in the already huge world of rogue-like games.

But this one is not like the others, this one is not one you can learn and master at the drop of a hat. This one will not abide by your rules.

This brand new game is  Darkest Dungeon.

In a Lovecraft-like world, filled with occult darkness and nightmarish monsters, you lead a party of adventurers who have sworn to overcome the evil lying in the darkest dungeon.

Pretty classic plot, right? Well, the game isn’t!

Why? Because this game is not nice. This game will bash you until you bleed. Even the first disclaimer of the game says this. What’s more, the tutorial can even kill you if you don’t manage it right.

For random play is a really important part of the game, both in the turn-based combat system and in the character progression. You can die on a single unlucky hit. A character of your party can be driven mad by the stress of the dungeon, or even if they come back they can develop a phobia of beasts which will dangerously handicap them.

So you have to be both a good manager of your shady heroes, your limited supplies and the limited availability of the town, to manage to crawl into the deepest part of hell, complete the random-based mission and finally face and defeat the bosses awaiting you in the darkest part of the dungeon.

You will die. You will fail. You will cry. And if you finally win, you’ll feel like a God…

Until you eventually die again…

A must for Rogue-likers !


By Jules Gassie

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  • Anton
    3 avril 2015 at 15 h 49 min |

    Looks like you’re a big fan of rogue-like adventures :) I actually have a concept of rogue-like in a dieselpunk-inspired universe. Care to give it a shot ?

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