“Kerbal: space program”: Is rocket science fun?

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A spaceship, orbiting the Moon

A spaceship, orbiting the Moon

                « Kerbal: Space program », created by Squad, is a game about making your own space program, and building your very own spaceship, or your space station. The game respects the laws of physics, so it is almost as complicated as in reality. But, by respecting the laws of physics, does the game become less interesting? Is rocket science fun? Indeed, you have to think a lot in KSP, and not everyone want to use their brain too much while playing a game. It is difficult, for beginners, to learn how to launch a vessel, and put it in orbit. And, at the moment, Scott Manley, a well-known youtuber playing KSP a lot, is building a gigantic spaceship out of several parts, docking them while in orbit, and is sending that spaceship in orbit around a moon of a gas giant, landing a smaller module on that moon, and finally going back in orbit, and returning home safely.

Every KSP player doesn’t have the skills required for such missions, but with some training, it is actually easy. The key is to think about everything, from the moment you build your rocket, to the moment it touches the ground of the targeted planet/moon (and eventually the moment you return home). You have to plan the entire mission in your head, before launching your rocket. And that will teach you to think about every aspects of a project before doing anything.

If rocket science is not your thing, you can still have fun playing KSP. You can find the fun in crashing your rockets, or in creating strange vehicles. Another youtuber, Danny2462, who also plays KSP a lot, is the opposite of Scott Manley. He doesn’t create fancy enormous ships, he stays on the ground, mocks around with funny mods, and creates crazy vehicles, such as catapult launching astronauts, or a plane with so many wings the game engine becomes mad.

Personally, I like that game. I think that rocket science is actually fun. I have played it so much, it has become intuitive, and that is kind of rewarding. I feel free, being able to visit every planets of the Kerbol system (the equivalent of the solar system in the game). It is also educative, I have learned a lot about rocket science.

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A space station, build in Kerbal: Space Program

A space station, build in Kerbal: Space Program

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