Cloud Atlas

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Cloud Atlas

Nearly 15 years after the brilliant Matrix and 5 years after the controversial but no less awesome Speed ​​Racer, Andy and Lana Wachowski have signed their comeback with the amazing science fiction movie Cloud Atlas.
This film is a succession three levels : a spotless cast, a challenging screenplay and a set of stunning special effects (especially the makeup).

Cloud Atlas narrates six different stories set at different times. From the slave trade to the distant future, and through other shorter periods, the film offers us various and beautiful scenery worthy of the current blockbuster budgets, yet it’s an independent movie!
Although these stories are distinct, they are linked by nearly invisible elements (a musical score, an absolute gem …), which create a slight but thrilling frame. All these stories speak of personal struggles with oneself, society or a mentor, everything leading to an assumed moral after a 3 hour-long movie.

With a cast made ​​up of 13 leading actors such as Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weavin (Hello Mr. Smith!) or Hugh Grant, the directors conducted a feat never achieved before. Indeed, each of the 13 actors plays a different role according to the time period. The makeup manages to deceive us numerous times. The story is relatively dense since it consists of 6 stories spanning over five centuries. In these stories, beings meet from one life to the other, while their decisions have consequences on their course, in the past, in the present and in the future. A single act may have implications over several centuries and even cause a revolution. Everything is connected !
This could have been a big mess, lacking context and form, if the scenario and its division hadn’t been so well proportioned. The intertwining stories take us every time in a coherent universe that the spectator integrates and recognizes gradually. If at first you do not see where the three directors lead us, it happens later when the common elements of the stories appear.

There is in Cloud Atlas a philosophical reflection on universal themes such as love, death, fate or the eternal cycle of history including cinematographic references (such as the 1973 classic movie Soylent Green by Richard Fleischer). However, it is mainly a movie revolving around individuals and their impact on History by the controversial butterfly effect. It is such a rich and challenging movie that it is quite difficult to truly appreciate its true value at the first viewing.

For all these reasons, Cloud Atlas is a masterpiece extremely innovative and extremely controlled. Technically perfect, this movie, however, may put off some of the public by the apparent complexity of its narrative and its rich storyline.

Without a doubt, this is a one of its kind movie that has so many qualities that it is already for me a true masterpiece.

Tristan Peschoux

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