The Book With No Name

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The Book With No Name

Ever heard of « The Book With No Name » ? You should. It’s the first novel of the Bourbon Kid series, written by an anonymous British author, who signs as Anon. It’s a thriller/horror sort of book, but more like « lots of blood everywhere » than scary stuff. It’s quite funny, in fact.
The book is about a serial killer known as the Bourbon Kid, who can be considered as an antihero of some sort. The story takes place in a city in a western-like scenery, which is flooded by supernatural creatures (and, unfortunately for them, simple humans). We follow a police officer trying to understand the gruesome deaths that have been happening around lately. Then switching to the point of view of other characters who are more or less aware of what’s happening and the consequences of their own actions. Each character is very interesting, and very different one from another, even if in the end you’d better not get attached to one of them, because death comes around swiftly !
To speak about the book itself, it is very easy to read, because it is more like oral rather than written language with complicated sentences. In fact, that’s the peculiar style of the series. Also, keep in mind that swear words are used quite often (let’s say they are a very big part of the book), and that fighting and dying scenes are very well described (picture a Tarantino movie put on paper, and you’re quite close to it). The humor and the crude reality of the events are basically what makes this book a must-read, and you won’t have time to tire of it !
Up till now, it’s one of a series of four books : The Book With No Name, The Eye of the Moon, The Devil’s Graveyard and The Book of Death.

I personally liked all of them, but the last one was a bit repetitive (or maybe one of the main character in it annoyed me a bit more than those in the others).
Fans are very interested in seeing this book adapted as a movie (and what a show it would be !), but for now, there’s no information whether it is to be done or not. Even so, the Sojafilms website did a fan-made trailer for The Book With No Name and it’s really nice to watch, so if you have time, check it out ! It doesn’t spoil anything, thus it’s even an interesting way to understand the whole ambiance of the book if you want to be sure you will like it before reading it.


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