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Next week, most of the European independent game developers will gather in the same place: Berlin. In the historical German city an outstanding event takes place every year: the A MAZE. festival. First launched in 2012, it has been growing larger and larger ever since and is now one of the largest independent games festival in Europe, alongside Gamescom. So, 2015 sees the 4th edition taking place and it is already full of promise!

From April 22nd to April 25th,  the A MAZE. will stand out as the most interesting place to be for game developers eager to share and create together. Over the four days of the festival, take part in various talks about the industry and workshops where you can play or make games. But one of the most awaited event is of course the A MAZE. Awards. A few months before the opening of the festival, every game developer can submit a game that will be played and reviewed by the jury. This is a unique opportunity for independent developers to bring light on their work and it’s a significant achievement to be an A MAZE. nominee.

This year, no less than 225 games from 25 countries have been submitted. They will all be exposed and playable at the festival. After weeks of playing, the jury (close to 200 experts, professionals and journalists) will have selected the nominees that will receive awards during a show. Some 20 games from 11 countries are running for the 5 different awards.


Play. Share. Interact. A MAZE. is all about sharing experience among developers, journalists and fans in a very familiar way. Everyone can just pass by and say hello to a booth, play a game, and chat with the developers. It is a great opportunity for students or budding developers to start building an interesting and reliable network. Showing your work will get you advice from confirmed developers. Alongside the talks and the workshops, music performances and parties are thrown for the participants to relax and have fun. You can easily grab a sandwich or dance with your favorite indie developers at A MAZE.

This year, Supinfogame will be at A MAZE :Anarcute is a game made by a team of 5 Supinfogame students. It will be presented at the festival and previously won the PING Award in 2014 for best student game. Anarcute is the cutest riot simulator ever in which you lead little rioters and wreck the city! Learn more about Anarcute here.


This festival is the perfect place to try and experiment with games. Existing technologies or brand new ones are exposed in the booths. Take Cyborg Dating as an example. Cyborg Dating is a game with a new use for virtual reality: it is a two player game in which one ‘Cyborg’ player teams up with another person to achieve a shared goal: have a successful date. Learn more about Cyborg Dating here.


If you want to discover more games, here are this year’s 20 nominees.


– Antoine

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