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Hi there, I’m Sebastien hannier, project manager of Jet. As you know (if you’ve read the previous articles about it), we are making this game for the Microsoft Imagine Cup, a worldwide game creation contest. This article is here to present  this awesome game that we are making.


So jet takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Nature has reclaimed its right upon the Earth and everything is deserted and destroyed. We don’t really know how it happened but a new life form appeared right before the cataclysm. They seem to be made out of some kind of dirt, that we can also find everywhere on the ground. This dirt is the result of the pollution accumulated by humans and it turns into some kind of organic form. These entities are falling from the sky to destroy the humans left alive. These people have had to find a way to survive,so they’ve built flying cities, which are much harder to reach for their enemies. But still, it wasn’t enough to live in peace. So they’ve taken arms and that means fire, the only thing that can destroy the dirt.

The main character is a young punk rebel. He is one of the last humans, and lives in the last city on Earth. He is also the last hope for mankind because he is the only one that hasn’t lost faith in victory. So this young man has equipped himself with jet pack boots and roller gear to fight. You, as a player, will control him. Jumping from hill to hill, you will burn the dirt off the ground and kill the enemies with your jetpack equipment. You will also have to perform some crazy tricks, because if you are to save the world, you’d better do it in style.

The artistic direction is based on low-poly art. All assets and textures are made out of simple geometric forms. The main colors are very warm because we are in a desert, so yellow and orange are used here. This contrasts very much with the dirt and the enemies that are black and red.


So jet is meant to become an instantly funny game, with a great game feel. Thanks for reading and see you soon.
Sebastien Hannier.

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