Horror games : Are we going the wrong way? [Part 1]

Author // DEDENYS Caplice Siobhan
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     Hey! Yoann here. This is my first contribution to the blog, and I wanted to step back for a while and think about scary things.

Have you ever wondered why horror stuff isn’t that scary after all? I mean, I know that this question depends on who is asking for an answer. Many people will be scared with pretty much anything at all, while some others  won’t ever really feel fear. Who’s never tried to scare someone with lights turned off? Well, okay… Maybe you haven’t. But I did, and it was fun.

One evening, I had to go to check on someone in their apartment. But for some reason, he decided to trick me and scare me. So he put some weird ambient music on his laptop, turned off the lights and sat in the middle of his living room. The lights were flickering, the music was loud. But it was way too much for such a prank, and was looking like some kiddy land haunted house with people trying to grab you while riding the ghost train instead. You see? This is what is basically done in horror games nowadays. NOT scary stuff.


From « Spongebob Squarepants » Halloween Special

No, for real! Don’t you love it when these freaking shivers run down your spine? Doesn’t it feel great when the “thing” coming for you actually gets to you, and you’re not prepared? This is what I’m talking about. Oh and, by the way, it doesn’t even have to be some inhuman creature. Imagination is pretty good at this, and probably better at it than some gory gruesome creature full of sh… Teeth.

What I’m trying to say here is that horror games desperately need something new to be horrific. Once again, these thoughts are food for thought, they are not something that is proved to be working. Yet. What if horror games weren’t meant to be games? This is going against what I just said, that it is great to feel fear. But just think about it: Once you beat a game, it is kind of boring to beat it once more. There is nothing new, and all that the “new game +” mechanic creates is just a cheap way to create the will to go for it a second/third time.

Horror games (and movies, by the way) don’t work that way. Once you’ve experienced it, another run won’t give you the same chills, and that is because you are prepared and know what will happen right behind that wall. In fact, I think that horror games should be some sort of “one try only” games. Or at least should behave differently every time you start the game.

I’ll leave you with that for the moment, and will continue this way next time. For now, try to experiment with new games, independent games (I’ll explain why later), and get some scares while you can. See you soon!


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